Where Vision Care Began—Wilmington Eye’s Main Location

It has always been our mission to offer accessible and quality ophthalmic care to the Wilmington area, and it all began here at our main office on New Hanover Medical Park Drive, situated just a block away from our surgery center and a short drive from Novant Hospital. If you value exceptional vision care and live in the Wilmington area, chances are you have been to our New Hanover Medical Park Drive office.

Open since 1975, what began as a practice specializing in cataract surgical care has grown to become Wilmington’s largest and most comprehensive ophthalmology practice today, with more than 9 sub-specialties. At Wilmington Eye’s main location, not only do we offer surgical ophthalmic care, we also provide primary vision care in the form of routine and comprehensive eye exams, as well as diagnosis, management, and surgical treatment of the full range of eye conditions.

Including over twenty-seven active exam rooms, the building is comprised of two levels, including a handicap accessible elevator leading to the second floor, where the city’s only pediatric ophthalmologist sees patients ranging from 0 to 12 years. On the main floor, you’ll find our full-scale optical shop in addition to The LASIK Center, where hundreds of patients have left with 20/20 vision!

Specialties at Wilmington

Eye Doctors and Eye Surgeons in Midtown Wilmington

Our team of board-certified ophthalmic surgeons include Dr. Kathleen Leone, Dr. Matej Polomsky, Dr. Christopher Covington, Dr. Melissa Shipley, Dr. Robert van der Vaart, Dr. Samantha Watson, and Dr. Clark Springs. Dr. van der Vaart, Dr. Watson, and Dr. Polomsky offer minimally invasive glaucoma procedures and Dr. Springs is our resident cornea specialist. Dr. Covington, resident osteopath, brings a holistic approach to surgical ophthalmology with a special interest in multi-focal cataracts lenses. Wilmington Eye is also proud to have the area’s only pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Melissa Shipley. Each surgeon brings unparalleled experience to the practice, providing world-class healthcare to each and every patient.

Our main Wilmington location also has some of the area’s most experienced eye doctors. Dr. Amanda Britt Baden, Dr. Hilary Cox, Dr. Chad Tisdale, Dr. Erin Fuchs, Dr. Alexandra Muncy, and Dr. Richard Ayuso provide comprehensive eye exams, in addition to routine and preventative eye care. Dr. Baden, our most tenured optometrist, has been providing eye care with Wilmington Eye since 2010 and was the very first optometrist to join the practice. Whether you are in need of comprehensive medical eye care to manage or treat an ocular disease like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or macular degeneration, our team of skilled providers can help. Having a LASIK or cataract procedure? You’ll likely see one of our optometrists for your pre- and post-surgical care. Our eye doctors can also prescribe contact lenses and glasses for those diagnosed with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Our main office on New Hanover Medical Park Drive is also the only location to offer evening and weekend appointments for your vision care.

Our pediatric clinic resides on the upper level of the building, where Dr. Melissa Shipley and Dr. Hilary Cox provide comprehensive vision care for children ranging from infancy to adolescence. Dr. Shipley provides medical and surgical care for conditions such as lazy eye (amblyopia), ocular misalignment (strabismus) for children and adults alike, in addition to various other pediatric eye conditions.

Patients can also be seen by Dr. Kathleen Leone for cosmetic procedures like Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers for both medical and cosmetic benefits, as well as doctor-recommended skincare solutions like Obagi medical.

A full-scale optical shop also resides on the first floor, where patients can conveniently fill their eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions after their appointments. Here you’ll find the largest eyewear inventory of any Wilmington Eye location, including both affordable and designer eyewear options.

Team at Wilmington

Getting to our Main Wilmington Office

Located within the heart of Wilmington’s medical community, you’ll find us within walking distance of Novant Hospital among the numerous other medical practices within the area. Wilmington Eye on New Hanover Medical Park Drive is situated just off of 17th street, beyond the hospital if you’re heading west towards downtown Wilmington, turning right onto New Hanover Medical Park Drive. If you’re coming from Downtown Wilmington or Leland, you’ll travel east and eventually turn left onto New Hanover Medical Park Drive before the hospital.


Hear from our Wilmington patients

  • "Wilmington Eye at 1729 New Hanover Medical Park Dr., Wilmington, NC is so awesome. I saw Dr Kathleen Leone who did my cataract surgery in 2021. Everyone at this location is so kind and caring. This is a wonderful office and excellent staff. "
    Harriet C.| Wilmington Patient
  • "My Eyelid surgery was done by Dr Oester. Outstanding and professional care from start to finish. Highly recommend him and the folks at Wilmington Eye. Especially the group located at New Hanover Medical Park Dr. ☺️☺️ "
    Donna M.| Wilmington Patient
  • "Really love this place they have great solid selection of eyewear for everyone. They have big name brands like Costa, Rayban, and Tom Ford just to name a few. My old prescription was still good so I decided to purchase some really nice Gucci’s with no fuss."
    David R.| Wilmington Patient
  • "Very attentive, took care of all my concerns and answered all questions I'd had. I love this location! My son comes here also! We've never had a complaint! He gets very anxious at doctors and they always do very well with him also!! Would highly recommend!!"
    Brittany J.| Wilmington Patient
  • "Full service location. I was very happy with the facilities and staff. Every one was kind and professional."
    Pamela B.| Wilmington Patient
  • "Excellent care and location."
    Tom C.| Wilmington Patient
  • "This office has their ducks in a row and runs very smoothly. They are very efficient and also very thorough. Dr Cox is amazing, she has helped my daughter improve her vision and continues to maintain her progress. If it was not for her knowledge and expertise my daughter could have completely lost her vision in that eye."
    Winnie J.| Wilmington Patient
  • "I honestly cannot say enough. If you are at all interested in LASIK in the Wilmington area this is the place to go. I recently had LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Covington and I am beyond astonished by my results. I have been in glasses/contacts since 6th grade and I am now free from both."
    Chandler N.| Wilmington Patient
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