Tearing Issues

Procedures to Correct Tearing Issues

Achieve long-lasting relief from excessive tears.

Tearing issues can be the result of the overproduction of tears or the poor outflow of tears into the tear duct system. While conservative management to reduce tear production can be effective at improving tearing, in some cases tear duct surgery is required to restore outflow and resolve tearing. Our oculoplastic surgeons offer tear duct surgeries that can restore outflow, resolve tearing issues, and lead to a more comfortable lifestyle.


How Your Tear System Works

Tearing is when the eye experiences watering that is not caused by crying. The source of tearing can broadly be defined as either overproduction of tears or poor outflow of tears into the tear duct system. Proper diagnosis of the source is key to guiding management.




When Surgery is Necessary

Conservative management of tearing issues can include artificial tears, warm compresses, and OTC or prescription medications. While these things can offer temporary relief and provide minimal reduction in tear production, surgical intervention may be needed to deliver long-term relief. Most surgical treatments are performed at our freestanding surgical facility, Wilmington Eye Surgery Center, and have a short recovery period.

Common Tear Duct Procedures

  • Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  • Puntoplasty
  • Reap of Tear Duct Damage from Trauma or Cancer

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