Randy’s Getting LASIK

Join Randy on His Journey to Clear Vision with LASIK

Randy Slack is a DJ for Modern Rock 98.7, ESPN sports commentator, podcast host, comedian, and soon-to-be LASIK recipient! Since early childhood, Randy has struggled with vision problems and for the better part of three decades has worn glasses and contacts. Soon, he’ll be free of glasses and contacts, living the dream of having crystal clear vision without corrective lenses.

I chose LASIK to have freedom from glasses and contacts. They're difficult. They can be fidgety. My eyes can sometimes get too dried out when I'm wearing my contact lenses.... To have the freedom of never having to worry about that again is why I feel like LASIK is something I want to get done!

What Randy is Looking Forward to After LASIK

The results are clear; crystal clear vision after spending your whole life wearing glasses and contacts is life-changing. In addition to saving money on prescription contacts and glasses, Randy is looking forward to several things after his LASIK procedure.

You’re Invited!

Randy is so confident with his choice to have LASIK eye surgery with Wilmington Eye that he has allowed us to document his procedure! We are excited to share his experience with others who may be considering LASIK. Sign up to follow Randy’s LASIK journey from start to finish and see just how safe (and life-changing) LASIK really is!

Follow Randy's LASIK Journey


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