Plans For New Scotts Hill Location

Wilmington Eye Announces Plans for New Location in Scotts Hill to Increase Accessibility to Patient Care

The growing needs of the community are at the heart of changes as locally-owned medical practice strengthens its resolve to excellence in patient care and increased access to specialty services

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, October 15th, 2019 — Wilmington Eye, the largest multi-specialty ophthalmology group in southeastern North Carolina, announced today its plans to open a new location in Scotts Hill that will allow the practice to better serve the needs of the growing community and increase accessibility to vision specialty care in the area.

Wilmington Eye currently serves the northeastern part of New Hanover county and most of Pender county through two locations, one in Porter’s Neck and one in Hampstead. Beginning in the summer of 2020, Wilmington Eye will combine these two smaller locations into one large, centrally located facility in Scotts Hill. As some of the most populous counties in North Carolina, New Hanover, and Pender county have seen sprawling growth that is affecting everything from infrastructure to cost of living to healthcare needs. With its new location, Wilmington Eye will be able to meet the growing need for preventative vision care and offer convenient access to specialized services such as cataract evaluations, corneal disease care, oculoplastics, and pediatric and adult strabismus.

As the only multi-specialty eye practice in southeastern North Carolina, the addition of our new Scotts Hill location will help Wilmington Eye expand access to all our services to better serve our patients”, said Dr. Alan Oester, Jr., oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon at Wilmington Eye.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 16 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have uncorrected or undiagnosed vision impairments. Since vision accounts for up to 80% of learning, poor vision can affect education, employment, and overall quality of life. By increasing access to preventative vision care and surgical specialties, Wilmington Eye will strengthen its ability to provide patients with life-changing care.

Dr. Matej Polomsky, cataract and refractive ophthalmologist at Wilmington Eye, adds, “Wilmington Eye’s mission has always been to be the leading eye care provider for southeastern North Carolina. With the addition of our new Scotts Hill location, we will continue that mission.

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