New Cornea Specialist Now in Wilmington

Wilmington Eye Welcomes New Cornea Specialist in Wilmington

With the addition of a cornea specialist, patients will have increased access to specialty vision care, improving overall healthcare outcomes for the community

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, October 6th, 2021 — Wilmington Eye is pleased to welcome Dr. Clark Springs to the Cornea Department. Dr. Springs joins Dr. Travis Jenkins in providing specialized vision care for patients of all ages with cornea issues and other ocular diseases that affect the cornea. Dr. Springs will also be offering corneal crosslinking—an advanced procedure that treats severe cases of keratoconus and can, in some cases, eliminate the need for extensive eye surgery. This will be the first time our region has had this highly needed subspecialization in ophthalmology. He also joins Dr. Kathleen Leone, Dr. Matej Polomsky, Dr. Chris Covington, Dr. Travis Jenkins, Dr. Robert van der Vaart and Dr. Samantha Watson in providing cataract and refractive surgery.

It is a great benefit to our community that Dr. Springs has chosen to join us here in Wilmington. He brings with him extensive cornea, refractive and cataract surgical experience. He is particularly adept at delivering the very best surgical techniques for corneal transplantation, but he also has diverse skills that equip him to care for patients with complex eye disease and offer vision-saving treatment such as corneal crosslinking, which until now hasn’t been available in our region! In addition to these skills and experience, he is kind, he communicates well with patients, and he is eminently professional. I look forward to working alongside him, caring for the vision and eye health of our patients,” says Dr. Travis Jenkins, partner and ophthalmic surgeon at Wilmington Eye.

Dr. Springs completed his residency in ophthalmology at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana where he was elected Chief Resident. He then completed a fellowship in Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery at Duke University. Following his training, he was recruited back to Indiana University and spent thirteen years as a full-time academic ophthalmologist, becoming the director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Springs has performed thousands of refractive procedures and has become a highly respected ophthalmic surgeon.


Dr. Clark Springs, Wilmington Eye’s newest ophthalmologist and cornea specialist

I am excited to join Dr. Jenkins in the Cornea Department at Wilmington Eye. With the growth of Wilmington Eye and Southeastern North Carolina, I am pleased to offer cornea, refractive and cataract procedures to meet the ever-increasing need and look forward to being a resource for the community,” says Dr. Clark Springs.

Dr. Springs is currently accepting new patients and is available for appointments at Wilmington Eye’s main office, located 1729 New Hanover Medical Park Drive. For more details or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Springs, visit